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LED Lighting
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LED Lighting
Dimmable LED track / cable system kit is now available

Track lighting
LED Flex II track lighting system.
LED Flex II track lighting system brings new meaning to the phrase "low wattage." Consuming less than 40 Watt altogether , the 5-light LED Flex II Track Lighting System is the latest and most exciting way to introduce the money-saving, stylish flair of LEDs into your life.

Cable lighting
LED Star cable lighting system.
The future of cable lighting. LED Star Cable Light system uses super efficient LED light bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs VS. Halogen Bulbs
Bulb life-span.
Typical 40-Watt MR16 halogen light bulb
 Up to 2'500 hours
30'000 hours (average)

The LED MR16 lasts 12 times longer than a typical halogen MR16 bulb.

Lumen per wattage.
Typical 40-Watt MR16 halogen light bulb
   8.5 Lumen / Watt
58 Lumen / Watt 

The lumen output of CA 2.0 LED MR16 bulb is comparable to a typical 40-Watt MR16 halogen bulb.
CA 2.0 LED MR16 bulb's lumen per wattage is 6.8 times greater than a typical 35-Watt halogen MR16 bulb.

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