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Featured Installation:
Flex II Track Lighting Systems with Omega fixtures

My hustband and I purchased from you. As you can see, they are hanging in a short hallway and we get many compliments on them.


Featured Installation:
Star Cable Lighting Systems with Mars Fixtures

Using a (6) Lite Mars Cable Kit, we strung vertically (with the transformer in the attic) through a galvanized tower to created a dramatic dining room fixture....


Featured Installation:
Flex II Track Lighting Systems with Neo-Cone fixtures

I needed affordable lighting only for a small, dark interior hallway in my townhouse. I had added a library, but the existing lone ceiling light left the space cave-like and uninviting.
I installed a dimmable flexible track ribbon with five fixtures aimed at the bookshelves and various art pieces...with beautiful results...


"We absolutely love our Light*Waves lighting! We are doing a major remodel of the entire house. The kitchen needed a lighting solution that only the flexible Light Waves could handle.
We needed pendant lights over a peninsula and ceiling lighting. We were able to beautifully bend the track to an "S" curve and serve both purposes. We have an eight foot ceiling so bulky track lighting would not be attractive or functional. The Light Waves system that we chose has been the feature attraction when friends come to see the progress on the remodel.
They all love the look of the system and ask for details. The system is both attractive and affordable on our tight budget. Choosing Light*Waves was the best decision that we made. Thank you again for your fabulous design."

Karen Harden

"Whether on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, or looking up from below, they all say, 'Light me up.'"

Steve Cooper, editor

Better Homes & Gardens Remodeling® magazine

(See Featured on Better Homes & Gardens Remodeling® magazine.)

Just received the light today. Wow that was fast shipping! The light is BEAUTIFUL! I don't mind being charged for the bulb because it's easier than trying to find one in the store at this point.
You have a great company. It was a pleasure to do business with you!

Cynthia, NH

"Thank You! Your prompt response was unusual normally it takes at least 10 days to solve a problem! Your effort to solve the problem was much appreciated sounds like a contact problem! thanks for Your Help with the new caps sounds like the solution! Excellent Customer Service!!!!! We Love Our Lights!"

Dick & Barbara Roberts

"My wife and I were part of a home makeover show, and our old kitchen was remodeled. As part of the show, we had an (withheld*) Monorail System installed, and loved it. We recently moved, and wanted a similar system for our new house. We were amazed at the cost of the (withheld*) system (about $2000). I personally researched monorail systems for at least 15 hours online, and several stops at local lighting stores. My wife finally found your website, and we ordered a system virtually identical to the (withheld*) system for 1/5 the cost. We are very impressed with our new lights, and we want to thank you for your product. Keep up the good work!"

* Manufacturer name withheld
Charles from Lakeville, MN

"Thank you for your excellent customer service in making sure the order was correct before shipping it out. In these days of automation and the use of the internet it is rare to receive good customer service. I was on line for a couple of hours looking at track lighting before I decided to order from Light Waves Concept Inc. Thanks again for your help and because of your dedication to customer service I know I made the correct choice for my purchase."

Jim from Poulsbo, WA

"Your web site is one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks for the effort and expense that you have put into it."

Andy from AL
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