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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I was thinking about the Alpha Antique Bronze Flex II 5-light low-voltage kit, wall-mounted below an arched radius in a recessed area.
I have a wall switch nearby that can be used. Is it okay to "bury" the standard 300 Watt tranformer inside the wall? What is the remote magnetic transformer? Do I need a special switch? and can I use a dimmer switch?

A: No special switch is required and you may certainly use a dimmer though you must be sure to use a low voltage dimmer that matches the type of transformer (electronic or magnetic) that you are using.
I do not recommend that you bury the standard 300 watt transformer into the wall though, if you would like to do that you can certainly use the remote transformer as that is what it is for.
Just be sure that you can have future access in case you need to switch the breaker or something. Also in regards to wall mounting the kit please note that we only offer the wall mounting hardware in satin nickel so it would be a different color than the track.

Q: What kind of bulbs do the Lumiere systems use?

A: The Lumiere system uses line-voltage halogen bulbs.

Q: Can I install my lighting system outdoors?

A: While our custom lighting systems can be customized for nearly every scenario in your home, they are not rated and protected for wet or damp locations. Please do not install in outdoor areas, spas, or indoor pools. If you want to explore exciting outdoor lighting options please refer to our outdoor LED products at

Q: How can I lower or raise my track?

A: It is easy to lower or raise your track system depending on the length of the stem mounts you purchase!
Different size stems and cable mounts are available for the different styles of track system. The easiest way to decide what works best for you is to contact one of our friendly sales associates through the live chat (click the "LIVE CHAT" icon above), email or toll free at 1-800-670-8137.

Q: Can I change the length of Flex II fixtures?
Fixture stem length
A: Yes! Theta, Gamma, Zeta, Epsilon, Chi (used with many Flex II glass fixtures like Chi-Deco, Chi-Cone, Neo-Cone, Genesis, etc.), Pi, and Omega fixtures can all be purchased with either a 4" or a 6" stem. If you are not sure, contact us.

(4" & 6" PI Antique-Bronze Flex II fixtures shown)

Q: How many heads (fixtures) can be placed on one of the Lumiere flexible track kits?

A:You can place as many head as you would like, as long as the total wattage does not exceed 1200 Watts.

Maximum Watts per track System Watts per fixture Maximum number of fixtures Allowed
1200 Watts 50 Watt bulbs 24 fixtures
1200 Watts 40 Watt bulbs 30 fixtures
1200 Watts 25 Watt bulbs 48 fixtures
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